Catering Kit

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Catering Kit Includes 4 Half Pan Flame-Free H°eats Pads, 4 drop off pans, 4 foil pans.

Full Pan Value Case 240 Units

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Self _ Heating Full Pan Value Case 240 Units - 

Full-pan h°eats flameless, water-activated, Self-Heating Food Warming Pad. Each pad can be used with disposable aluminum foil or stainless steel full-sized pans up to 4" deep and can be used with or without chafing dishes. Designed to keep your food hot and at the just-out-of-the-oven quality for up to 2 hours.

Transforming Take-out, Delivery, Flameless Catering, remote and emergency feeding.

Full-pan self-heating food warming pads - 18 pack

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Do you still pack  Sandwiches or Peanut Butter for your picnics? Why not carry Cheesy Lasagna, Spring Pasta, or chicken curry with you? To address your concern of keeping the food hot at picnics, here is the replacement of large electric food heaters. Try h°eats Portable Flameless Food Warmers that keep your food hot for hours at 145° - 165° F. 

Enjoy a hot meal anywhere, anytime with your group of friends and family. These innovative food pads extract from oceans and minerals. It is eco-friendly, pocket-friendly, and easy to carry anywhere. 

No electricity, No flame required. Keep it hassle-free and eco-friendly.

Full-pan self-heating food warming pads - 72 pack

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Tasty food and excellent catering services are all you need to make any event successful. One of the major challenges that the catering industry is facing is to serve them hot food until the event is wrapped.  Instead of burning the efforts and fuel for reheating food, try h°eats flame-free oven-to-table heating solution. With this simple and quick solution, you can now serve your guests hot fresh food even for up to hours. It is kept warm at 145° - 165° F.

It’s time to change the traditional food reheating methods with h°eats flame-free food heaters. It is the replacement of large electric food heaters that require less space. Best for buffet and big parties. Save time and serve the best. 

Make your catering business grow faster by serving hot food anytime with h°eats self-heating food warmers. Serve it hot! Keep your customers happy.

Half-pan Self-heating food warming pad (single)

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  • Disposable Food Warming Pad: Our h°eats pad provide a convenient solution for all your food warming needs, whether for parties, potlucks, or daily kitchen use, ensuring your meals stay deliciously warm for extended periods.
  • Innovative Design: Measuring 8.5” x 10”, these spill-proof catering warmers keep food in a half-sized pan hot and at oven quality for up to 2 hours. Activated with a small amount of room temperature tap water, these pads are entirely flame-free, ensuring safe and efficient heating.
  • Easy to Use: Simply add tap water to your chafing dish or aluminum pan and place the h°eats pad inside, then add your hot food on top in the same size pan. These self-contained and reliable warmers keep your food warm for events and other occasions.
  • Safety First: Crafted from natural minerals found on the earth and in the oceans, these eco-friendly warming pads provide a safe and easy way to serve warm food for guests, ensuring the safe transport and handling of hot dishes.

  • Versatile Applications: Ideal for a variety of dishes, from simple favorites like mac and cheese and mashed potatoes to gourmet meals like lasagna, steak, and baked cookies, these h°eats pads are perfect for parties, picnics, potlucks, and any catering event.

Half-pan self-heating food warming pads - 2 pack

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Tasty food makes travel more fun! What if you can eat food hot anytime, anyplace without using any flame or electricity. h°eats bring innovative flame-free food heating solutions that keep your food hot for hours at 145° - 165° F. 

These portable food warmers are lightweight, sustainable, and easy to utilize. In just 3 easy steps you can enjoy hot food anywhere. Just add normal temperature water, and wait for a few seconds for lava gel to activate.  Yippie! Your hot food is ready to eat.

So, get your travel shoes on, pack your bags and go, travel the world but don't forget to carry h°eats flameless food heater. Your perfect travel partner.

Half-pan self-heating food warming pads - 36 pack

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Good food brings people together and makes any occasion more memorable, be it potluck parties, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Avoid the extra hustle and bustle at parties of serving the food hot to the guests. You don’t need extra vessels to keep food reheating and burn its quality and texture. Let h°eats flame-free food warmers hold the heat up to hours and serve it oven-to-table hot food while you enjoy the party.

In just 3 easy steps you can serve or eat hot food without burning any electricity or flame. 

  1. Pour normal tap water around 1 glass into an aluminum chafing pan.
  2. Place h°eats Food warming pads into it, which will activate the lava gel.
  3. Take another aluminum pad filled with food and enjoy your flameless mouth-watering hot food.

Half-pan self-heating food warming pads - 6 pack

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Did you know that more than half the American population has been ordering food online. It has become a habitual trend these days. But you cannot ignore the fact that most of the customers complain that the food delivered to them was not warm.

Impress your customers by improving the quality of food distribution services - deliver hot food at their doorsteps. Try pocket-friendly h°eats  flame-free portable food warmer that keeps your food hot for hours at 145° - 165° F. Deliver hot food anytime, anyplace without using any flame or electricity. 

h°eats flameless food warming pads are made with natural herbs and with no plastic. It is compact and easy to carry anywhere.

Half-pan self-heating food warming pads - 72 pack

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Serving hot & delicious food to your customers is always a challenging job for any hotels and restaurant owners. Especially when it is the peak hours. Try h°eats portable flame-free food heaters that help to reduce your efforts of reheating food in bulk orders. Just add water to these self-heating food pads and serve your quantity of food with quality. With these food pads, it maintains the taste of your food, appearance and aroma keep the cravings on. 

It's time to change catering warming pans to flameless warmer- an innovative cooking solution that can reheat food without a flame or microwave. 

These food warmers are sustainable and made with natural minerals, plant-based materials, and no plastics.