Introducing H°EATS®

Kitchen fresh quality,
2 hours after it leaves the kitchen

Smart. Safe. Simple. A Revolution in Flame-Free Heating.

  • SMART Patented “heat curve” keeps food between 145°-165°F without continuing to cook. Maintains kitchen fresh quality and texture for up to 2 hours.
  • SAFE Non-toxic Lava Gel compound formulated with natural minerals and plant-based materials.
  • SIMPLE Transport and set up significantly reduces time and labor. Works with existing systems and equipment.




Oven to table flame-free heat, rev’d up for pros and open buffet catering. A higher heat boost in h°eats SERVE products will keep food at 145°-165° F for 2 hours, uncovered. Works great for drop-off catering.



Mobile heat for delivery and takeout, designed to keep covered food hot from oven-to-table and work with existing delivery systems. Will hold food at 145°-165° F for 2 hours. Great for restaurant delivery, cookouts and at-home parties!


Heat & Eat

H°EATS proprietary compound and packaging can be used to heat up individual retail products on the spot, and keep it hot for up to 2 hours.


Flame-free heating solutions perfect for both catering and drop-off delivery.

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Our Story

Being in foodservice for over 30 years, keeping “hot food hot” in delivery, catering and remote operations was an on-going frustration. Most solutions were expensive or dangerous and relied on power, flame or caustic materials. We decided to re-think how we heat food, keep it kitchen-fresh and make it mobile to keep pace with today’s operations and culinary demands. After some deep exploration into exothermic heat science, we developed a way to create instant spot heat that was safe – but also controllable - and that could go the distance during service periods. We are excited to introduce H°EATS, the only flame-free heat source made from natural minerals and plant-based materials. Our first products are aimed at foodservice operators and deliver 2 hours of hold time and keep quality kitchen-fresh throughout. Other foodservice heat & hold products and retail heat & eat packaging are in development.


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