Flame-Free Self-Heated Pan Warmer

Self-Heating Pan Warmers are engineered to provide sustained heat & hold in various food pans to be used for home parties, picnics, social functions, camping and may other areas where keeping food warm is a challenge. H°eats does it with ease.
  • Hot Food- Be the first invite for parties
  • Perfect for Holiday Dinners
  • Keep food hot during transport
  • Food at oven temperature for over an hour
  • Simple to Activate
  • Sustainable Natural Minerals

h°eats Self-Heating Pan Warmers

1.5 Hour Self-Heated Food Warming Pads

Coming Soon

SMART Patented "heat curve" keeps food between 145°-165°F without continuing to cook. Maintains kitchen fresh quality and texture for up to 1 ½ hours.

SAFE Non-toxic Lava Gel compound formulated with natural minerals and plant-based materials.

SIMPLE Transport and set up significantly reduces time and labor. Works with existing systems and equipment.


Add 1-1/2 Cups or 350ml room temperature water to foil pan.

Remove h°eats warming pad from packaging and place into foil pan foil side up.

Place food pan directly onto the h°eats warming pad

Caution: Outer pan gets hot Place on heat safe surfaces Do Not microwave Landfill safe. Dispose in trash after cooled